Ongoing OS/X KeyMappingEditorComponent/menu issue

Hello, Juce-ys. I reported this issue before it never got resolved and eventually other things came up. This problem has been ongoing through umpteen releases of Juce and a moderately complete rewriting of that section of my code.

The issue: using the KeyMappingEditorComponent seems to result in menus entries whose display names include an extra shift character.

I have a simple demo - within the confines of my rather complicated app - where I go into my app with no key assignments, click on the “Edit” button for “Cut”, press Command and X - but when I look at the Mac menu, the display has the symbols for command-shift-X.

I note that when I look at the XML, the key assignment is written as “command + X”, not “command + x” as I would write it.

(I have slightly different issues with things like command + ! and command + +, probably caused by the same issue)

I used to be able to demonstrate this within the confines of one of the juce/extras programs but this facility doesn’t seem to appear in anything in “extras” today (the old Jucer doesn’t even compile these days for me on OS/X)… and it might be nice to have the Juce demo demonstrate the keyboard assignment code, hint, hint (I could knock this in myself quite quickly…)