Opaque components triggering parents-component paint()

I have a opaque components  which are frequently repainted, but it  that the parents component paint() method is also be called (but the component is not entirely repainted (repaint-debugging) is this the normal behavior?

Max OSX 10.10.3 OS Compaitibly Level 10.6 latest XCode. Is this the normal behavior?


ah it seems, osx merges all dirty regions to one big rect, but in this case my parent compentent also gets repainted)

The problem with enable Repaint-Debugging is, that you don't see these repainted regions (only that one which are marked dirty from the juce-side), so i think its useless for MacOSx they way how it works.

Any Ideas what can be done to speed up redraw?

after some investigation it seems, parents-repaint is also called, if there is only one child-component is redrawing and the clipped region is exactly above...

Ah i use a affineTransform to zoom the whole GUI, and it seems thats this completly skips the whole repaint intelligence?



No.. if you apply a transform to a component then repainting should still work just the same, but obviously the coordinates are relative to the object that you call repaint() on.

mhh then i misinterpted how paintComponentAndChildren() works..., but still have no explantion, need further investigation but have no time yet