OpenGL and KioskMode


i just found another OpenGL related problem.

When the OpenGL 2D Renderer is enabled and the Window is set to Kiosk Mode all "Popup Components" ain't working anymore.

So for example: PopupMenu, TooltipWindow and even the ComboBox

Code is attached again... Kiosk Mode can be enabled by pressing F11.





A few things i want to add:

OS: Window 7

JUCE Version: 3.0.7 (with the latest commit from 2014-07-16 22:33:11)


If you think this might be OS related i could also test it on Linux.

And i also noticed something interesting...

After Kiosk Mode is activated the popup components still work for a fraction of a second.

Then suddenly the screen gets black for some milliseconds and is completely repainted.

And after that has happened no popup components will show up anymore.


Presumably your popups are just stuck behind the main window.

Have you made your main window always-on-top? If so, might be worth not doing that.

Well... i did not do anything like that.

And i don't think this would explain the described behaviour.

Wouldn't always-on-top also affect the software rendered version?

And i am not talking about independant popup windows which the operating system is aware of.

Combo box drop down menu doesn't open and tooltips ain't shown anymore.


A completely new JUCE application with the default auto-generated MainWindow and a single combo box is already enough.

Add an OpenGLContext to MainWindow and activate Kiosk Mode and suddenly the combo box drop down won't work anymore.

At least on my system... I don't know whether this happens everywhere.



Just tested it on another Windows Notebook with the same results.

So this is definitely reproducible.



I tried your code on my Windows 7 VM and it worked perfectly.

The only thing I had to change was F11 to F5 because my VM wouldn't pass the F11 key through. Are you sure there's not some system windowing thing that gets triggered by F11 which you're accidentally invoking?

Already thought of this and tried F10 with the same results.

To make sure there isn't a problem with both of them i also tested it with F5 and F1 now... again, with the same results.

As the problem occurs on my Computer and my Laptop it has to be the VM that makes a difference.

Although its primarily jules giving support here, maybe some other guys could also check that out?


PS: After Kiosk Mode is left the Window is always using a NativeTitleBar... no matter what you were using before.

I don't know whether this is the intended behaviour or whether it might even be connected to this bug.


Jules, which virtualization software are you using for your Windows 7 VM?


I have similar issue.
All popup such as dialog, context menu are behind main window in kiosk mode.
JuceDemo has also same issue with OpenGL renderer.
It seems to work in Windows7, but not Windows 10

I was having this same Windows+Kiosk problem for PopupMenus as well.
Fixed it by passing in “withParentComponent” Options when showing the PopupMenu.

Where top_level is my top parent OpenGLRenderer object.

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