OpenGL AudioProcessorEditor & allowDraggingToOtherJuceWindows


Hi there!

Latest JUCE from GIT here.

Just found out that the drag and drop image is painted below the plugin window when "allowDraggingToOtherJuceWindows" is set to true while using an OpenGL context to draw the parent window. 

UI::UI(AudioProcessor* p):AudioProcessorEditor(p){gl.attachTo(*this);}
//some code in child of UI
//will draw the "myDragAndDopIcon" below the window on windows builds
DragAndDropContainer::startDragging("a drag and drop",c,myDragAndDopIcon,true); 


It does not happen on Mac. The reasons are understandable and I could help finding a solution, just wanted to know whether this is kind of behavior is known and maybe you got some pointers for a fix.






Presumably because the host has set the plugin windows to be always-on-top… I thought the drag-and-drop window would also be an always-on-top window, but maybe it needs to also be kicked to the front or something…