OpenGL noisy assert

Hi !


I think I have found a noisy assert on last Juce OpenGL module version 3.0.4

If I perform quick attach and detach loop between an OpenGLContext and a Component;

areShadersAvailable() sometimes return false and

OpenGLContext::copyTexture throw jassertfalse ; a line 890:


jassertfalse; // Running on an old graphics card!


I've got a not so old NVidia GTX 295 and Juce OpenGL Module work perfectly when attachment is not stressed.

The areShadersAvailable() problem is that it's return false if attachment is not set.

To resolve this, I modify the assert code like this :


if (attachment) // assert only when an attachment is set.

    {jassertfalse;} // Running on an old graphics card!


I'm using Juce Built in 64 bit with Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Running on Window 7 64 Pro US.


I hope this can help.

Thanks for your concern about this.

Good one, thanks!

Many thanks for your reactivity