OpenGL VBO question


Hey Jules -

Simple openGL question here.

I have written a nice GL program in the renderOpenGL() block, and now I am trying to move it into a vertex buffer object / uniforms / attirbutes sytem.

I used the teapot code in the JuceDemo, and so far so good.

Here is what I can't figure out though ..... what interaction occurs between the lighting/objects/etc. in the renderOpenGL block and the shapes.draw() routine?

It seems like anything in the render block that occurs AFTER the shape.draw call, doesn't get drawn at all.  Not sure why though.  

Also - it seems that the shape uses lighting/materials/colours that are specified in the Uniforms, and just ignores whatever is going on the in the renderGL block?  Is that acurrate?  

Perhaps I need to treat this as if it were two separate GL scenes?  One rendered "on top" of the other?

Also, does juce support glMapBuffer() ?