Opening a folder to load .wav files


I’m trying to implement a GUI feature, that opens the folder (any folder from local directory) and load all .wav files from this folder.

I was aware of FileChooser class to load/save the file, but is there anything similar available for opening a local folder and fetching the particular type of files?

I went through similar post Open containing folder for files or dirs?
but it seems little confusing to me, if anyone can explain that’d be great!

Any help is appreciated, TIA!

Hi, not sure if this is what you are looking for but with findChildFiles() you can get an array of particular type of Files.

Arrayjuce::File xx::getWavFiles()
return getFolder().findChildFiles (2, false, “*.wav”);

Thanks for response,
I am more of looking for a function or class that I can use to open a folder