Opening ComboBox's sub-menu via right arrow key selects second item

We have some ComboBoxes that have sub-menus. (Using JUCE 5.3.2, by the way.) A tester noticed that if you open the menu, then use the arrow keys to navigate, when you hit the right arrow to enter into a sub-menu, it navigates to the second item in the list, not the first one.

It’s not a huge issue, but it’s a bit annoying.

Any idea why this is? Is it fixed in 5.4.x?

Looks like this change fixes it. Would this break anything else, though?

        else if (key.isKeyCode (KeyPress::rightKey))

        if (showSubMenuFor (currentChild))
            if (isSubMenuVisible())
                activeSubMenu->selectNextItem (0); // ANTARES TEST (1);
        else if (componentAttachedTo != nullptr)
            componentAttachedTo->keyPressed (key);
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Hi Howard,

That seems to work here too.


Thank you for reporting!