Opening Multiple MidiInput's of Same Index Ok?

Hi everybody,

I’m wondering if it’s ok to open the same Midi Device by index more than once in an application? For example, my main audio engine code opens input index 0 for sending events to plugins etc etc. Then somewhere else in the code, I open it again to handle a MIDI mapping feature.

Is this ok to do, or should I try to open a device index only once?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks

I think the win32 MIDI classes will give you trouble with this as they don’t support multi-client access. Why not use a shared AudioDeviceManager in your app which opens the MIDI device and can be passed around or have listeners attached to it?

Ok, I’ll find a way to use a shared input. Audio device manager would be ok, but I can see limitations there as well. e.g. the case where MIDI mapping only is desired, but the other messages aren’t really wanted in the rest of the app. No biggie, I knew this day would come!