OSC module linking error

Dear all,

I’m trying to get a simple OSC-Receiver running inside my JUCE application.
It used to work very well in earlier versions (of Juce and VS2017, now I’m on Vs2019) and downloading the OSC tutorial and compiling it works aswell.

But when I create a new project and just copy the simple code from the OSC tutorial,
first of all it can’t find the OSCReceiver class in my Main Component class declaration
( … : private OSCReceiver).

To fix that I add #include “juce_osc/juce_osc.h” which worked in the past (don’t know if this is good practice, beginner here)

Trying to compile it then gives me some Linking error (LINK2019) :
unresolved external symbol "“public: __cdecl juce::OSCReceiver::OSCReceiver(void)” (??0OSCReceiver@juce@@QEAA@XZ)"

I tried adding different headers, moving files etc. but my knowledge is at its end.

Anyone any idea / tip how I can fix this?

Thanks in advance !

Did you add the Juce OSC module into your project in the Projucer? (Note that if you moved any of the Juce source tree files around, you have to undo all that of course.)

Dear Xenakios,

I knew I forgot some easy little thing I did in the past…
will try that out, 99% sure its the problem.

Thank you very much!

That was the problem,

thank you again :slight_smile:

Don’t know if it is just me, but maybe add a little Note / reminder to the tutorial, so beginners like me can avoid that mistake in the future.