OSX: Ableton 9: slow notify host in arrangement view


as we all know, it is only possible to notify the host(setParameterNotifyingHost) about MIDI controller parameter changes within the message thread. I created an additional thread with a queue that sends the parameter changes to the host (http://www.juce.com/forum/topic/problem-automation-live?page=1). This works pretty well in almost every host and there is nearly no delay. 

Only ableton live 9 OSX seems to have a problem with the notify host messages from the message thread in the arrangement view. It takes much time until ableton gets notified about a parameter change and its not possible to make a smooth automation at all. In the session view it works pretty well.

I also tried to reduce the thread sleep time and removed the lock. Still the same slow notification in ableton live 9. 

Does anyone know something about this or has an idea where the problem could be?

I think it's something like a parameter change feedback loop.. i already use "dontSendNotification" to set a GUI value. It also happens if i close the plug-in view. 

Hi Patrick,


Have you found a fix for this ? I've been experiencing the exact same thing and never been able to fix it. Also I noticed that this will only happen with AU in live 9, juce vst works smoothly as expected.

Hi Neirbo

It's exactly the same issue. I currently do not have any solution for this...


I found the issue. No lag anymore. I took a code snipped from this forum that had begin and end guestures. This is not required and leads to the issue. I just removed that and it works fine now:

void TalCore::handleMessage (const Message& message)
    const ParameterChangedMessage& parameterChangedMessage =  dynamic_cast <const ParameterChangedMessage&>(message);
    TalParameter midi = parameterChangedMessage.midiMessage;
    this->setParameterNotifyingHost(midi.index, midi.value);

EDIT: Logic Pro does not notify changes without the guestures notifications. 

Has anyone a solution for this to keep automation in logic alive and avoid the problems in abletons lives arrange view?