OSX : getNumSamples() report wrong settings of Logic 8?


Juce trunk 732 on OSX 10.5.7

getNumSamples() keep reporting 1024 samples in Logic Audio 8 or MaxMSP, whatever the actual buffer size is.

i.e. from xcode debugger and logic attached as custum executable, I tried the code bellow in preparetoplay(samplesPerBlock) or in processBlock (getNumSamples) :

printf("buffer.getNumSamples(): %f\n ", (float) buffer.getNumSamples() );

And it always repport 1024 samples, even if the actual buffer size is 256 or 512 etc…
Though while using AUlab or Digital Performer as hosts, the proper buffer size is reported.

Anyone else can confirm ?


Well, as you can see in the AU wrapper code, that number comes directly from the AU callback, so it’s the host that’s providing it…

ah ! I see …