Anyone run Juce on an Ouya? It’s Android, as far as I can tell.

(All I really want is a small, cheap, packaged computer that can be purchased from stock at a store or from the web and have software installed by a non-geek. (Raspberry Pi not packaged and a bit too geeky)).


I’m doing some embedded development myself. I’m using Odroid-X2 from hardkernel, very powerful and cheap. Though i’m not sure about packaging. It runs both Android and Linux.

That’s a neat box, thanks for the tip. Too geeky for what I had in mind though (looking for something people can pick up off the shelf and easily add my software to).


I get it. I saw some OUYA reviews and they weren’t good at the moment of the launch i don’t know if they fixed the stuff. There are some very cheap usb-stick-size ARM based computers out there stuff like http://minipute.com/2013/07/25/ad6333-slimline-usb-stick-mini-pc-with-dual-core-rockchip-cpu/2547

i saw a lot more like those on the web, the chinese are flooding the market with stuff like that, just have a look at aliexpress.com and look for “android mini pc”.