Overlay Component that does not steal mouse interaction


Looking for suggestions the best way to create an overlay component that still allows the components underneath it to react to mouse interaction.

For example, a label that I could place OVER a button, but when I hover over the label, the button's hover state is still called as well.


Should I subclass ImageButton so children would pass the mouse states onto the parent? Could I use my own component with the Introjucer editor then?

Is there something I can do to a child component so it passes it's event on?

Can I somehow re-attach a method from the child to the parent?

Still yet I could run a timer and check ->reallyContains on each component - but is that a waste?


Am I going about this the total wrong way? Many ways to skin a cat.


Any ideas welcomed...thank yall.

Component->setInterceptsMouseClicks(false, true);

...does the trick.


Thank yall.