Overriding Slider::setRotaryParameters

Hi, I’d like to create a rotary slider that spins many times. Very useful for selecting fractional values with 360 degree steps.
This means I need to set the end angle to be large. I can’t do that because ‘setRotaryParameters’ ‘jasserts’ on me with a check for 4xPI maximum for some reason.

I can’t over ride the function because it sets ‘pimpl’ which is private.

Can anyone help me inherit Slider so I can do this please.
Otherwise I’ll have to edit ‘juce_SIider.cpp’ every time I get the Juce code, which is not ideal at all.

OK, is there any way someone from the Juce team can remove the assert for 4PI angle (why 4PI?) limit on the rotary parameters please. It’s hindering functionality of the Slider a little, and it won’t cause a crash or anything dangerous.