Oversampling in VST plugin, by resizing a buffer, audio cuts out on release version

I wanted to do oversampling in the process function of the audioprocessor, but If I do that, the audio cuts out after a few seconds of loading the plugin and does not give any output any more (also not after reloading the plugin and/or restarting the DAW). My thought was that I could just create a new buffer of the right size, copy the of the old buffer contents approriatly to that new buffer, run it through another process with the modified samplerate and sample down after that again. This works in the debug version of the plugin. Is there something that JUCE does or the DAW does that I need to know of, why this would not be working?

Post a simple as possible working example of the problem.

You shouldn’t need to tell the processor about it. Suspect you have a good old fashion bug :slight_smile: