Own tabbar possible?


I tried to write a ribbon-style bar. for that I’ve tried to write an own tabbar, but got stuck in the documentation and api from juce… in “juce_TabbedComponent.h” is a method mentioned (createPanelComponentForTab) which simply doesn’t exist (anymore?). and to change the tabbar, I’ve to change tabcompbuttonbar (which is derived from TabbedButtonBar) or TabbedComponent(which makes a “new TabCompButtonBar”). is there more simple method available?

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Ah, sorry about that, I’ll check over the documentation (I changed the way it worked a while ago and must have missed a couple of old references).

Not sure exactly what you mean by a ribbon-style bar. Perhaps you just need to create a custom look-and-feel to draw the tabs differently? Or would a toolbar be more appropriate?

thanks for the fast answer. by “ribbon-style” I mean the new office2007-gui. Using a custom look-and-feel could be possible, too. I’ll try it this way :slight_smile:

…the only way I’ve done it by getting the JUCE source code files relevant to the TabbedComponent and rewriting it to make TabbedComponent collapsible. The CollapsibleTabbedComponent behaves the same as the original TabbedComponent, but when I click on an active TabButton again then the whole TabbedComponent collapses (makes itself TabBarDepth in height and tells the other neighbour components to resize themselves). It expands whenever I click any tab again. I also highlight the current active tab button. When collapsed, it does not highlight any tab buttons at all. It’s designed to stay at the top or at the bottom sides right beside any JUCE components (it’s not a child of that components, it’s their neighbour and they are listeners for it’s size).

(NOT JUCE screenshots (MS Windows, MFC + AGG)):