pageAboutToLoad() problem



WebBrowserComponent::pageAboutToLoad() does not being called for some URLs.
It seems to ‘skip’ over some URLs, I checked it on both Windows and OSX.



The Windows and OSX implementations use vastly different techniques, so if you’re seeing something that happens in both of them, it sounds like there’s a javascript or other web-based reason for it.


You are right.
It appears that the browsers do not fire events like DISPID_BEFORENAVIGATE2 for redirections by default.
One needs to add things like DOCHOSTUIFLAG_ENABLE_REDIRECT_NOTIFICATION in order to enable that.

But I found that if you add an IFRAME then pageAboutToLoad() will be fired for its source.

I just needed a way to communicate between the server and the client, the only way I found is URL rewirting.

Thanks Jules.