Paint does not paint my components

I have a rather deep layer of visual components:
AudioProcessorEditor →
TabbedComponent →
three "MyTableModel"s, which are a class derived from Component and TableListBoxModel →
many "EditableTextCustomComponent"s (to make up the cell).

the EditableTextCustomComponent are created in refreshComponentForCell() by

textLabel = new EditableTextCustomComponent (*this);
textLabel->setRowAndColumn (rowNumber, columnId);
 return textLabel;

My problem now is that if I change the text in the EditableText programmatically (e.g. in the AudioProcessorEditor.paint() callback), the cells do not get repainted. I trigger the paint by calling repaint() from a handleAsyncUpdate() callback, and I did verify that AudioProcessorEditor.paint() is called.

OTOH when I resize the window, the cells are immediately updated to the current text.

What am I doing wrong ?

Have you added breakpoints on the code where you change the text, stepped in and actually watched the paint() function get called? What about adding a breakpoint in your EditableTextCustomComponent::paint() function?

Breakpoints are a good way to figure out if functions are even being called.
If you don’t want execution to pause, you can also simply add DBG(...); and keep an eye on the console output to make sure the functions that you expect to be called are actually called.