Panning and individuals channel management for a mixerAudioSource

How would one apply a panning effect to a transportAudioSource that is fed into a MixerAudioSource with the MixerAudioSource having the bufferToFIll in its getNextAudioBlock method?

I guess in a broader sense how could I manipulate the individual channels of each transport source object so I can do whatever I need to the the left and right speakers and buffers respectively?

I would make an intermediate AudioSource, named MixerChannel or something like that, and use that to adjust the volume and panning, etc of each channel before running into the MixerAudioSource.

Have you played around with the juce DSP module? There is a panner in that.

I still don’t fully understand, can you explain a little more?


None of the Juce provided AudioSource derived classes allow doing panning on the signal, so you need to make your own AudioSource class that does that, if you want to keep on using the AudioSources system as intended. The same goes for many other kinds of processing like using 3rd party plugins, you will need to make new AudioSource classes that do those processings in the AudioSources based signal routing.

Would it be more efficient to make the DAW using AudioProcessors instead?
the only issue for me is trying to get it to be a standalone application rather than a plugin as Its supposed to be a standalone DAW.

I tried marking the standalone checkbox in Projucer but I still get errors

I think using AudioProcessors and the AudioProcessorGraph would be more suitable for a DAW like application. (But you could still utilize the relevant AudioSource classes like AudioTransportSource for things like reading audio files.) Unfortunately, Juce doesn’t provide ready to use AudioProcessors for things like panning and so on, either.

Better yet, you might want to check out the Tracktion Engine too, if the licensing is suitable for you and so on.

Do you have any information on making the audio processor a standalone application? I currently have everything in a Audio App template not a Audio Plugin template