Parallel Http Post requests

I have a Juce Plugin that needs to send audio to a server and I cut it into pieces to send and work on it in parallel. I do so with the standard Juce::URL library and send the post requests in multiple threads but apparently there is a limit on Windows of 4 requests at the same time so if I need more than this it just waits for the other requests to be done (tested on multiple DAWs). On iOS all the requests happen in parallel as expected.
Does anybody have any hints as of where this limitation might come from and how it could be circumvented?


Windows 10 has a limit of 10 concurrent IIS connections. For the Home edition, it’s down to 3 concurrent connections.


Thanks for the reply! Reimplemented my server requests using curl and it works much more parallel now :slight_smile: not sure why but presumably because of http2