Parallel processing for dummies

Hi folks, I am brand new here !

I used to work with MAX/MSP to build my own audio processing applications, and I recently switched to JUCE. Right now I am trying to re-code my MAX/MSP patches in the JUCE framework. Some patches involve large filter banks which are CPU-greedy. With MAX/MSP I used to implement them using the poly~ object, which offers a @parallel argument that works like a charm. It enables parallel processing, and CPU drops dramatically. It’s that simple.

I forgot to mention I am a self-taught programmer, so I am very ignorant regarding some areas in the art of programming. That being said, here is my point: I have no clue about how to enable/do parallel processing with JUCE. A quick search on this forum did not help me much. Could anybody put me on tracks please ? Are there some good reads/documentation/tutorials around to start with ? Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers ! ??