Parameter won't update in DAW from GUI

Hi I have an issue where when I load my plugin into Ableton, the channel won’t update to the automation I’m controlling in my plugin gui. I can see that the parameter itself is moving to the correct values, and if I click on the parameter itself in the Ableton plugin “box” that the channel will correct itself and show the automation correctly. From this point, if I go back to my gui, things work correctly.

So the gui is updating the parameter itself correctly, but not communicating that change properly to the DAW for it to update the channel. Is there something simple I’ve overlooked here?

If you tell us, how you set the value from your GUI (i.e. code), it would be easier to give a definitive answer. Here is the guesswork:

Make sure you use AudioProcessorParameter::setValueNotifyingHost (float newValue) and NOT setValue. The host will call setValue, hence the host is not notified.

If you use AudioProcessorValueTreeState and SliderAttachments all is taken care of.

Thanks for your help. I’m trying to implement the AudioProcessorValueTreeState and SliderAttachments but am having some problems and was wondering if you could offer any help? Here’s what I have so far.

In my processor.h

        AudioProcessorValueTreeState* treeState;
        AudioProcessorParameterWithID* gainParameter;

In my processor.cpp constructor

    treeState = new AudioProcessorValueTreeState (*this, nullptr);
    gainParameter = treeState->createAndAddParameter("gain", "Gain", "gain", NormalisableRange 
    <float> (0.0, 1.0), 0.5, nullptr, nullptr);

In my Editor.h

`AudioProcessorValueTreeState::SliderAttachment* sliderAttach;`

And in my Editor.cpp constructor

    sliderAttach = new AudioProcessorValueTreeState::SliderAttachment (*processor.treeState, "gain", 

Thanks for your help.

This may help…

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It works!!! Thanks so much for your help.