Parameters reset by UpdateParameterNormalizedValue(..)

Hi jules,

Just checked the latest git version 2_0_36 to see how AAX is going.

Glad to see that MIDI and PlayHead are working now!

However, I noticed that all my parameters are reset to the smallest values by UpdateParameterNormalizedValue(xx) when launching the plugin, and I guess this is called by the Host/PT since I did a simple search and found that no where else in your aax wrapper is referencing this function: UpdateParameterNormalizedValue(xx).

Seemingly PT called this method and passed in 0.0 to all my parameters, but I need to set them to some init values. Is there a way that I can know he’s finished with resetting my parameters so that I can set my parameters back to the values which they should be in?


Sorry, that’s a bit of a mystery to me, not sure what’s going on…

I'm have the same problem right now... Did you find any work-arounds for this issue? Thanks...



Please have a look at this thread too:

The best way maybe is to set your initial preset settings as default settings in the plugin costructor.

Thanks for the tip, Patrick! Very much appreciated... :-)