Pass a Value Tree around components?


I have what is likely a very simple question.

I am building a stand alone app that is used for midi and OSC control. I have a working interface and everything is lovely. I also have a preferences page where the user can set the midi/OSC ports and messages that should be used.

In the prefs page i’m keeping combo box and slider values in a value tree. My issue is… I want to be able to use those values in my main component. how do i do this ? i’m sure the answer is very very simple and i’m just being thick.

The method I use is to have a root ValueTree which all other ValueTrees are children of. I actually have two roots, one that is written in the apps pref file (ie. persistent values), and one that contains runtime items. The persistent tree is auto written to the prefs (multiple updates coalesce into a single deferred write which happens on a separate thread) when ever it is updated. I pass both these ValueTrees into my components, and each of them put/get the appropriate children to/from those trees.