Pass key commands from VST to DAW

I have created a simple plugin have a plugin that has some keyboard shortcuts (for example O for toggle audio on/off). I would however like all other keys to go to the DAW (for example start recording when pressing R like usually happens in my DAW) even when the plugin window is the active window. Is there any way to do this? My DAW is MAGIX Sequoia.

It should happen automatically unless you are stealing the keystrokes. If you have implemented Component::keyPressed() for any components, make sure you return false for any keys you don’t need.

I think I have done that. Here are the lines from my code:

In the PluginEditor.h

virtual bool keyPressed (const KeyPress& key) override;
virtual bool keyStateChanged(bool isKeyDown) override;

In the PluginEditor.cpp

bool TalkbackAudioProcessorEditor::keyPressed(const KeyPress & press)
    if (press == 'L')
        return true; // return true when the keypress was handled
    return false; // return false if you don't handle the keypress

bool TalkbackAudioProcessorEditor::keyStateChanged(bool isKeyDown)
    static auto lastSpaceKeyIsDown = false;
    auto newSpaceKeyIsDown = KeyPress::isKeyCurrentlyDown('T');
    if (newSpaceKeyIsDown != lastSpaceKeyIsDown)
        lastSpaceKeyIsDown = newSpaceKeyIsDown;
        if (newSpaceKeyIsDown){
            talkButton.setToggleState(false, NotificationType::dontSendNotification);
            talkButton.setToggleState(true, NotificationType::dontSendNotification);
    return false;

In Sequoia and in Reaper when my plugin is the active window no keyboard shortcuts for the DAW seem to work…

Hmm, that’s odd, because Reaper usually intentionally cuts out plugins from receiving certain key presses unless you change a setting:

Maybe that setting was changed on the computer I tried it on. I don’t know. I don’t really use Reaper and just tried it on a friends computer. My main concern is getting it to work with Sequoia which is what I use