Pass MouseEvent ownership to new component

How can I do this?

1. Click on a component than imediately creates a slider during the mouseDown.

2. The slider behaves as if it received the mouseDown and now owns the mouseDrag and mouseUp.

Is this clear?


It's really not designed to move ownership around like that, but presumably you're trying to build something like the pop-up volume controls in tracktion? If so, the way to do it is just to make the new popup component a mouselistener that's attached to the one that received the mouse-down (and which continues to get the drag events). It won't get a mouse-down, but it will get any subsequent drag events. No idea whether the slider class will work ok without the mouseDown though.

Yes I am trying to implement a popup slider for volume, pan, etc.

BTW, sliders do not work with out the mouseDown.

I found a solution by calling the slider's mouseDown, mouseDrag, mouseUp events from the parent's events. Of course I had adjust the coordinates to be relative to the slider. The great news is, it all worked fine.

I was hoping there was a quick way, but did not expect it.