Patch loader: no MIDI event from keyboard

Hello !

Audio programming noob here… I installed SOUL on Windows 10 and started tinkering with the PolySynth and PadSynth patches. When running soul play from VS Code my patch works and I can play using the virtual keyboard, but my Keystep is not detected.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I play my patch with a keyboard?


It should detect any midi devices that get plugged in and route midi from them… if you run the console app, does it show any messages about the keyboard? Is it an unusual one in some way…?

Hi Jules,

Thanks for your reply. VSCode console prints this:

soul play .\BasicPolySynth
F:\Devel\SOUL\patches> Opened Windows Audio device “Haut-parleurs (ASUS Xonar Essence STX Audio Device)”
Sample rate: 44100Hz, block size: 441, latency: 20ms, input chans: [0, 1], output chans: [0, 1]

***** Compile succeeded

Nothing about MIDI input. The keyboard is an Arturia Keystep and it works fine in other apps (Melodics, Cypher, etc).

EDIT : The keyboard is recognized in SOUL playground. The issue is only when running SOUL from command line in Windows.

Ok it seems like the MIDI device was grabbed by another application, possibly Chrome though I had closed the SOUL playground tab. I restarted Windows and my patch and now I can play from the Keystep.

Thanks for the help ! Your language is great, I got a basic synth running in no time and now I am adding features to it. So much quicker to develop than in C++…