Paused AudioPluginHost?

Hey, I’ve been having trouble with the AudioPluginHost, which pauses when I build my plugin.

I’ve tried to troubleshoot this and I have a suspition it might have something to do with AU, but I’m a noob so I’m not qualified to answer this question…

I tried commenting out various part of my code and tried with a Basic build of JUCE and the problem persists. At this point I have no clue what to do…

Also: It builds fine in standalone

The debugger will pause execution whenever a JUCE assertion (jassert) is hit. From your console output, it looks like that’s what is happening here. Often, a jassert indicates that there’s some kind of programmer error, although assertions are also used to check for other sorts of unexpected conditions.

Normally, the IDE should show the jassert that caused the debugger to pause. Most assertions have comments nearby in the source code that explain what’s gone wrong, and provide steps to correct the problem. In this case, your parameters are missing version hints. There’s some information about this particular issue in the docs for the AudioProcessorParameter constructor.

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Thank you for the reply<3

I have added parameterID here, but am I missing something?

Psst … better use a static const for those versions, it’ll be clear when you get a few of them …

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