Pb with new commit?

Hi Jules,

I dowloaded the last commit (fbc5c765445647df5f2db91259b24e4fdcf8a87d) and this line (94) in juce_Message_manager is causing compiling errors for Android:

static void callAsync (std::function<void(void)>);

Any hint ?

It compiles ok for me. I did add a fix last night for this, because I'd forgotten to add an include, but it's there now.

This is weird. I do have the functional include but still get this message:

jni/../../../Source/../JuceLibraryCode/modules/juce_audio_devices/../juce_events/messages/juce_MessageManager.h:97:33: error: 'std::function' has not been declared

     static void callAsync (std::function<void(void)>);

We are talking about Android right ?

Yup. Just compiled it again now to make sure.

Hmm.. Just a thought: have you enabled C++11 in your project?

That was it. Thanks !

One question: is it safe to leave that option on (C++11) ? When should we NOT use it ?

(I did not need it so far)

Just noticed that it's disabled by default, which is wrong: I'll change that. Can't think of any reasons why you'd disable it you're trying to interoperate with 3rd party code that conflicts somehow, but that's pretty unlikely.