PDF rendering, printers

In one of the licensing threads, someone brought up PDF rendering and printing support.  I didn't want to hijack the "licensing" thread, so I'm starting this new one.

I want to say +1 for printing and/or pdf support.  And personally, I would pay for that ability if it was available as a JUCE add-on module of some sort.  (Hint for future revenue idea?)

At the moment, I'm in the middle of having to implement a "export to HTML" option from my JUCE app to get around the inability to easily cross-platform print (Linux + Windows)  But HTML has serious limitations, such as the inability to set page headers, footers, and determine where a page break will happen.

This is not the perfect solution but perhaps you could utilize the: http://wkhtmltopdf.org/




Why doesn’t JUCE support printing and/or PDF rendering which is essential to modern GUI framework products?
My music notation/playback project will need this feature and I really want to use JUCE.
By not supporting this feature, many potential developers will be turned away from JUCE.

Does this work for you?

This should work as a workaround solution for PDF rendering.
The libharu seems to be good just by looking at its demo PDF files.
Thanks, AnoesisAudio.

The direct printing support is still missing.
To JUCE people: Will the printing feature be supported in future JUCE releases and what is the estimate availability time-frame?