Phasing&Velocity spikes during export, in dfd and ram playback of sampler playback

first off i have to say that im not even a coder or the one working on this, im merely a person trying to troublshoot the problem and seeking out the solution to get it fixed so i can relay the info and expedite the process. so the issue is quite simple


anytime audio is exported/rendered out from the vst plugin which is basically a sample player, completely random horrible out of phase and velocity spikes occur. this is in both dfd and ram playback modes. and we even tried to delay the process which took exporting from faster than realtime to around 10-12 times what it previously took to bounce audio out, and even then the issue still exists. if anyone has any ideas what would cause this please leave your ideas below..attached is an example of the phasing and velcity spikes that occur in the mp3 link below

Well in the case of DFD, you obviously need to wait for the data to be here in a blocking way when bounced offline.


Otherwise, the debugger is your friend.

we are now thinking it has something to do with midi actually, since if you listen to the audio it is clear that what is happening is 2 of the same notes are getting triggerred randomly and at different velocities during export...none of this happens in when played in realtime only during export...and when you try to do a "realtime export" it causes a CPU overload error, regardless of the processor power and buffer settings

we just discovered it only occurs if the gui is open during exporting audio, when the gui is closed it does not occur