Plan on implementing and porting VST3 getMidiControllerAssignment()?

Hi jules,


Any plan on porting the VST3 API getMidiControllerAssignment() to audio processor class in VST3 wrapper cpp?

So that we can make the midi cc to parameter mapping easily..

Or do you have any suggestion that we could elegantly override and implement this in our audioprocesser subclass for the moment?



The current codes in vst3 wrapper cpp 

    tresult PLUGIN_API getMidiControllerAssignment (Steinberg::int32 busIndex, Steinberg::int16,

                                                    Vst::CtrlNumber midiControllerNumber,

                                                    Vst::ParamID& id) override



        id = 0;

        return kNotImplemented;


VST3 requires the MIDI CC stuff to be transmitted as parameters (hence the ParamID parameter in that function). This is no easy feat!

Yes, jules has already overridden it, but left a TODO comment.. which is where to do the mapping.

I’m well aware!

The issue is how to go about it without messing anyone’s plugin up. There has been a lot of demand for it on the forums; if I ever get a spare moment I might go and implement it.

How about an option where extra parameters are created for all MIDI CCs, pitch bend and aftertouch, and the VST3 wrapper converts those incoming parameters to MIDI and sends them to the pluginInstance?  Then the plug-in would receive CCs as usual.  Would that work or is there something I'm missing?