Platform-independent GPS plugin for JUCE

I want to integrate GPS location tracking into my iOS/Android JUCE project. What do you think is the quickest way to get platform independent GPS tracking integrated in JUCE projects e.g. do you know an external plugin which can add such support (e.g. maybe it is possible to access the HTML5 geolocation API or Foursquare API)?

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I have a similar need. I’ve put together a proof-of-concept for iOS, and am in the middle of trying to work out the Android part.

I’ve had some trouble keeping the key I need set in Info-App.plist. Projucer sticks a duplicate and empty key in, and it causes my key not to be interpreted.

This seems to be a desirable request, and if I can get the Android side working well enough I will be happy to share. I don’t do much work in either Obj-C or Java, so this has been kinda gross :wink:

Would you mind voting on this?