Play midi file

HI, need to demo this software quickly for a client. Is there a complete turtorial for playing a MIDI file somewhere?


BTW, I got the demo package to work, but a stand-alone MIDI demo would still be very helpful.


Yes, there’s no support at the moment for actually running a thread to send the notes to a midi output at the correct time. There’s plenty of stuff to parse the file and send events to midi devices though. You basically need to use a MidiFile object to load the data, then you can get each of its tracks as a MidiMessageSequence. What you’d need to do is to write a thread that calls MidiOutput::sendMessageNow to send each event at the correct time.

Aug 2014 now...

Can anyone recommend a third party library for doing this?  I wrote a MIDI player last year in C#, so rolling my own would be a close second choice.


This thread is from 2006, the info in here is completely out-of-date!

I added a method MidiOutput::sendBlockOfMessages years ago, which might help with whatever you're trying to do.

The question from 2006 ... "Is there a complete turtorial for playing a MIDI file somewhere?"

I don't see one. I would really like to see one.