Playback controls on a Android locked screen notification

Is there a way to implement media playback controls on a locked screen notification on Android?
On image below you can see what I mean. It is a VLC notification and even when my phone is locked I can interact with this notification i.e. play/pause the song.
This is my code so far; I took it mostly from JUCE notification examples so it is not yet ready for audio player but it shows the most interesting parts:

        PushNotifications::Notification n;

        n.identifier = "identifier LSN";
        n.title      = "title LSN";
        n.body       = "body LSN";

        String prefix;
        String extension;

        n.icon = prefix + "ic_stat_name2" + extension;

        n.publicVersion.reset (new PushNotifications::Notification());
        n.publicVersion->identifier = "publicVersion->identifier";
        n.publicVersion->title      = "publicVersion->title!";
        n.publicVersion->body       = "publicVersion->body!";
        n.publicVersion->icon       = n.icon;

        int channelID = 1; // 1-high; 2-medium; 3-low importance
        n.channelId = String (channelID);

        juce::PushNotifications::Notification::Action a1, a2; = juce::PushNotifications::Notification::Action::button; = juce::PushNotifications::Notification::Action::button;
        a1.title = a1.identifier = "Ok";
        a2.title = a2.identifier = "Cancel";
        a1.triggerInBackground = true;
        a2.triggerInBackground = true;
        n.actions.add (a1);
        n.actions.add (a2);

        n.type = juce::PushNotifications::Notification::Type::transport;
        n.lockScreenAppearance =  juce::PushNotifications::Notification::LockScreenAppearance (1);

        PushNotifications::getInstance()->sendLocalNotification (n);

Notification type “transport” seems to be designed for this type of stuff but still I can’t interact with it on locked screen. Any ideas?

As far as I’m aware, this functionality doesn’t currently exist in JUCE.

Oh boy :sob: :sob: :sob: . I was afraid that something like this could be the case.

Are there any plans to implement this? I mean, there is already this transport notification, so it seems that someone had some plans in this direction…