PlaybackDemo - Error trying to load Edit created in Waveform 9

As the title says, I saved a simple edit, basically brand new in Waveform, added a StepClip and a bunch of channels but didn’t hook any samples or anything else up to the Track.

I would think this was valid for any type of edit saved from Waveform regardless if it contains anything specific.

The little bit of irony (for me) in the screen shot is the comment;

// is it ever OK for this to be invalid?

Yeah, we were just discussing this the other day.

I think in Waveform Edit's need to have an ID, however after the rounds of refactoring I don’t think this is a requirement of the Engine anymore so I think this can be removed.
I’ll do some extra checking tomorrow and remove it if possible.

For now, if you just continue past the assertion it should work.

Taking a quick look now, there are some things that need the editProjectItemID to be valid. Things like temp locations, proxy files etc. use this as their file path.

Because in Waveform Edits can be moved between projects, we set this before creating the Edit based on where it was loaded from. I think I can re-arrange the assertions to only trigger when it is essential though and provide a better message.

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Awesome, yes now I remember that conversation. Thanks Dave!