Playing line in


I want to play progressively the sound coming on line in. I’ve already opened an input device, and it gets the input data, but I want to send it to the output. Do I have to stock the input data, and create another audioIOCallback for an output device, to put these data progressively on the outputChannelData? It seems too complicated… Can I make it with only one audioIODevice object?


…just open a device with both input and output channels, and copy the input buffers to the output buffers in your callback. It’s really not complicated!

yes, that’s what I’ve done. Normally I wouldn’t have anything to do, because any source plug in the line in should be heard in the output. It works automatically on my pc with the same code, but on my “Mac Intel” (yes, that may be the problem…), it doesn’t.


Well presumably the device you’re using isn’t duplex then. Very tricky to connect two separate devices together in your code because they drift out of sync. You could use an aggregate device.