Plug-in frustration


Shouldn't the PluginWindow class from the Plugin-Host example should be moved into one of the modules, so it can be reused for own hosts, something like a base-class for all Plugin-Windows?

When ever there is fix (last time its was the Scale-Factor problematic, new VST3 isseus) if have reimplemented it in my own host.


Does the current PluginHost/AudioProcessorGraph react on Plugin-Latency changes? - It seems not


It would be better if more of the plugin-handling stuff will be moved into the modules

(or do you want to make it more complicated to support a own plugin-host implementation ;)






Those classes aren't intended to be reusable library components. If that was the plan, then I'd have written them very differently

If I spent some time refactoring that code, it would probably be possible to break it down in a set of smaller utility classes that would be useful for this kind of task, but a big, highly-specialised class like PluginWindow is totally inappropriate for use as a library class.