Plugin Developer for 2D Analyzer plugin $2k-3k Payout

I’m looking for a freelance VST developer comfortable working within the VST audio space.

  1. The given budget is for the complete project.

  2. The project is divided into certain milestones, so is the budget. Each milestone has some price depending on the LOC.

  3. The candidate will get the compensation after reaching given milestones. [ie. design implementation, base code completion, working beta, final host etc]


  1. Highly comfortable working on native applications entirely in C/C++

  2. Expertise with the JUCE SDK for both audio and GUI development

  3. Expertise in programming for audio and familiarity with common DSP processes

  4. Willing and able to design and implement rich GUIs for our tools

  5. Must be Big Sur compatible and/or M1 [but can be written on whatever OS is preferred]

The Plugin to be created is a Spectrogram analyzer which would focus solely on FFT in 2D.

Please message me if you feel you’d be a good fit for this job.

Thank you

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