Plugin Fails Logic Pro X AUVal

To debug the plug-in auval you need to set auvaltool as the executable in the, by selecting “other” in the Run section of the Scheme:

Hit Command-Shift-G and enter /usr/bin

Then select auvaltool fromt the list (not auval).

Finally, you need to enter the arguments to the auvaltool to debug your plugin. This will be:
-v aufx <Plugin Manufacturer Code> <Plugin Code>
for a processor plug-in, and:
-v aumu <Plugin Manufacturer Code> <Plugin Code>
for a synth.

Where Plugin Manufacturer Code and Plugin Code are the four char codes from your Projucer project.

Then you can debug and see where auval is actually crashing.

BTW on 10.11 you might need to disable System Integrity Protection, otherwise the dubugger will fail to connect to auvaltool as it is at the system level: