AU failed validation in Logic? why?

A user has sent me some kind of crash report, not sure what to do with it.

auvaltool checks your plugin for sanity. They don’t want their host to crash because of your plugin. Some of the tests may sound extreme to you, but you should try to pass them.
You can check your plugin yourself, and you should before shipping it. In the console type auval -a to check all installed plugins, and type man auval to learn, how to check your plugin.

Specifically the paste tells you, that in your method “SpiralGenerator::processSampleFrame(double*, double*)” you are accessing an invalid address. Could be a result of running with unexpected buffer sizes?

Good luck.

Try running auvaltool inside a debugger. See this post on how to do this:


So auvaltool is something built in to mac? Where is auvaltool located? I’m guessing a file search in mac will reveal it.

It’s in /usr/bin/auvaltool. When selecting the debugging target in Xcode, you need to hit Command+Shift+G in the file browser window to be able to navigate to that path.