Getting Logic validation running in XCode


Anyone got any tips on how to capture the Logic plugin validation in XCode - looks like it runs in a new process so even starting Logic in XCode doesn’t capture in the debugger…


AU failed validation in Logic? why?

It’s just auval, to attach to auval you need set the executable in Xcode to be /usr/bin/auvaltool then pass the following four arguments -t TYPE MANU SUBT you can get the correct type, manufacturer, and subtype codes by looking at your info.plist under the AudioComponents array.


brilliant - thanks for the speedy reply…


Also, you need to disable system integrity protection to be able to debug anything in /usr/bin. Alternatively, you can simply copy auvaltool to /usr/local/bin.

AU failed validation in Logic? why?

Good point I forgot about that!


yeah, came across that… thanks


Not sure at what point this changed, but I’ve found in 10.14 moving auvaltool isn’t sufficient and I needed to disable SIP anyway.



good to know for when I move - thx!