Getting Logic validation running in XCode

Anyone got any tips on how to capture the Logic plugin validation in XCode - looks like it runs in a new process so even starting Logic in XCode doesn’t capture in the debugger…


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It’s just auval, to attach to auval you need set the executable in Xcode to be /usr/bin/auvaltool then pass the following four arguments -t TYPE MANU SUBT you can get the correct type, manufacturer, and subtype codes by looking at your info.plist under the AudioComponents array.


brilliant - thanks for the speedy reply…

Also, you need to disable system integrity protection to be able to debug anything in /usr/bin. Alternatively, you can simply copy auvaltool to /usr/local/bin.


Good point I forgot about that!

yeah, came across that… thanks

Not sure at what point this changed, but I’ve found in 10.14 moving auvaltool isn’t sufficient and I needed to disable SIP anyway.



good to know for when I move - thx!