Plugin Host assert error on close


Is anyone else getting an assert error when quitting Plugin Host? I’m hitting this:

grabFocusInternal (focusChangedDirectly, true);

// A component can only be focused when it's actually on the screen!
// If this fails then you're probably trying to grab the focus before you've
// added the component to a parent or made it visible. Or maybe one of its parent
// components isn't yet visible.
jassert (isShowing() || isOnDesktop());

…in juce_Component.cpp

Yes, I have a few plugin’s UIs open when I quit, but this never used to be a problem.

Any ideas?


We’ve got rid of most of the false-alarms from the library that would trigger that assertion, but it’s caused by trying to grab the focus of a component where it’s not possible, so if you have your own code that tries to change focus or start a modal loop, you might need to tweak it to avoid this.