Plugin not working with more than 2 channels

Good afternoon,
I’ve developed a plugin that works with 16 channels in/out. It worked as expected until, suddenly, from one day to another when I load it in Reaper it doesn’t work anymore. Reaper just closes and I can’t use my plugin. When I comment those channels from 2 to 16 and their management, it does work. I am using this configuration const float channelInData0 = buffer.getReadPointer(0);* for in and out channels. My problem is that it did work and now it doesn’t. If somebody could give me a hand I’d appreciate it. Thanks beforehand!

When you run it in debug mode, does it give a reason that reaper closes (crashes)?

No, it says nothing. It just closes and I don’t get any message

Did you attach a debugger?

in the debugging it says this in the exception point, even though I haven’t inserted any audio clip: image

But looks like it tries to get a channel that is outside the boundaries? What are the two values?

the value channelNumber goes from 2 to 15 and numChannels is always 2

So you know the problem now. The plugin is only getting 2 channels. You have to deal with this fact.
Maybe you updated reaper?

Yes, I did. But it didn’t work before I updated it neither. In the plugin interface in Reaper, it used to appear 16 in 16 out and now it’s showing 2 in 2 out. It just happened suddenly I didn’t change anything :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well, check the authorized configurations that you have? And accommodate the different configurations that you authorize? And if it’s not supposed to be authorized, then provide code.
If your plugin is configured as 2/2, you cannot assume you are 16/16, it seems quite obvious to state this.

My plugin is configured as 16/16:

AudioProcessor (BusesProperties()
#if ! JucePlugin_IsMidiEffect
#if ! JucePlugin_IsSynth

                   .withInput("Input", juce::AudioChannelSet::ambisonic(3), true)
                  .withOutput ("Output", juce::AudioChannelSet::ambisonic(3), true)

I don’t know how to “authorize the configurations”, maybe you mean the code above. Thank you for your time by the way :smiley: