Plugin processor and GUI settings are reset to zero when reopening plugin UI in Ableton

I have my plugin working in Ableton, and if i minimise the UI, it is still playing back nicely.

But when i click on that little spanner to bring the Ui back, it seems like both the processor and the UI are effectively being reloaded from scratch.

Is that normal?

My plugin has a step sequencer, so do i need to be saving all that step data to XML all the time, and then reload from that whenever the UI is recalled?

you don’t need to store them in XML, but you need reset their current states with the values they connect with in processor.

In the constructor of the editor, something like
stepSequencer->step[i] = processorValue;

Really though you want to create a cpu effective way using a timer to update parameters visually if they’re value changes in the processor, then your ui can respond to automation.

Thanks Jake, that’s pretty much what i am doing, using a timer to update parameters from the processor.

I had an error in my code, which i just found. My UI helper/manager function was clearing the processor’s sequence in its constructor.

Zapped that, and all working fine now.

cheers :slight_smile: