PluginHost display problem

Here at Arturia we consider using PluginHost as a base for a new standalone for our plugins.

We tested it against our non-Juce plugins (Arp 2600V, CS-80V, minimoog V, Moog modular v2 and Prophet-V) and all of these exhibited the following problem on the Mac platform only : while displayed ok initially, they shifted almost instantaneously 27 pixels down and one pixel right.
The PluginWindow is not enlarged, so the bottom of the plugin is lost.

However, mouse clicks are taken into account at the expected position, so to activate a control, you add to click 27 pixels above what you see on screen.

We were using Juce 1.46 and repeated the test using fresh PluginHost .dmg from Juce web site.

It seems that the size the image is offseted is the window margin size (left border and title bar), so I tested with setUsingNativeTitleBar(true) but it hangs.

Does anybody ever encounter something similar ?

I think this has been mentioned elsewhere, but since the 1.46 version, I’ve rewritten the mac code entirely, moving from carbon to cocoa, so I wouldn’t expect this to still be the case.

I posted a fix for this, check this Thread:

@zamrate: many thanks, that solved our problem