PluginHostType::getPluginLoadedAs () == wrapperType_Standalone

This is broken on Mac with the new way to build the standalone application. It is now an app extension and the return value is not what I need. I want to customise the UI based on this call.

I don’t know, what is going on in this instance, but maybe you get the results you need using the static call JUCEApplicationBase::isStandaloneApp().

Can you be more specific? PluginHostType::getPluginLoadedAs() should return wrapperType_AudioUnitv3 when loaded as an AUv3.

I am using this call now: JUCEApplicationBase::isStandaloneApp() and it works. Thanks.

However, this will never be true anymore on the Mac: PluginHostType::getPluginLoadedAs () == wrapperType_Standalone because the Plugin Code is loaded from the Audio Unit V3.

PluginHostType::getPluginLoadedAs () == wrapperType_Standalone is true if you simply launch your app from the home screen of your iDevice. When building an AUv3 with JUCE, JUCE will automatically also create the wrapper standalone app.