Plugins with configurable latency

Hi folks,

Did anyone make plugins which have configurable latency? (The user can change the latency and it gets saved in the preset)

I’m having a problem making it work in Logic, if I want my plugin’s default latency be non-zero.

What happens is:

  • When a saved session is opened and the plugin is initialized, prepareToPlay gets called before setStateInformation (in which we know which latency setting we should use).
  • For new plugin instance, setStateInformation is not called, so I have to report latency in prepareToPlay.
  • But if I report the default latency in prepareToPlay, and then give another update in setStateInformation, Logic ignores the update and resumes with the wrong latency value :frowning:

Did anyone manage to make this work?

Thanks and Happy New Year! Yair