Popup Passing MouseOver events?

Hi Im trying unsuccessfully to get custom components in the popup menu to also receive mouse over calls. the only way it receives calls is if i click the custom item first when automatic trigger is set off.

i am making a popup menu to select icons, and it could be very helpful to have hover effects without clicking the custom item inside the menu first. is there a way of doing it that im missing?

this also happens in the popup menu of the toolbar component.

Which OS are you on?

osX 10.5.7

Yes, I think I need to take a look at that, there are some subtle issues with modal components and mouse moves in OSX. Will check it out soon.

It’s not something limited to the popup menu: even in plug-in windows (a VST opened in Ableton Llive, for example), mouse over events seems to be catched only if you previously click inside the top level Component, that holds all of the plug-in editor interface.

If you click on some other window, then hovering on components inside the JUCE plug-in interface doesn’t trigger any mouse over effect.

Yes, but that’s because of a quirk of OSX - it just doesn’t send the mouse enter/move events to a window that hasn’t got focus. But within a juce app, it should be possible to fake it so that menus work as expected.

That didn’t happen with Carbon… is it something new added with Cocoa?

No, that’s always been the case. I think in carbon I might have used a bodge with a timer that kept checking the mouse position to try to fake it, but really, to be consistent with other OSX UIs, it’s probably better just to do it apple’s way.